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Admin 23 Jun 2021

Bollywood Films and Filming Over Time 3.0

Hello fellow readers, so if you are new in this series of blogs, this is the third blog actually. You may find the first two in the blog section of this website, or here is the link of the first blog! So moving on….. we are in the 1980s and I would love nothing more! I mean this decade did give us three Khans and a Madhuri Dixit, we must give it that much. A lot of Bollywood masala, love stories, action-packed films, and a lot of misogyny were produced in those times, although we will try and skip the films which were very low on the moral high grounds! Of course, the decade gave us some amazing films like Arth, Ijaazat, Sparsh, Jaane Bhi do Yaaro, Naagin, etc. 

Story of a woman, her love and her dignity:

UMRAO JAAN (1981):

The film earned a place in the hearts of people and prevails even now. ! The film is based on the Urdu Novel with the name ‘Umrao Jaan Ada’.  (There was also a remake of this film in the year 2006, starring, Aishwarya Rai, Abhishek Bachhan, Shabana Azami, Suneil Shetty.) The songs of this original film are big hits and loved by one and all, that’s the magic of great music and good art. Umrao Jaan was mostly shot in Uttar Pradesh, where the story takes place. The evergreen song “In Aakhon ki Masti mein” was shot at the palace named Safed Baradari, in Kaiserbaugh, Lucknow. As we see, the palace is full of beautiful architecture and lovely Mughal aesthetics. Some parts of it were shown as the Brothel of Umrao Jaan. Likewise, different parts of this palace were used as different places altogether. The place where Amiran (now Umrao) is reunited with her mother is shot in the village near Kaisebaugh to give it a rural yet authentic look. 

A story of a young widow, and her life…..

PREM ROG (1983):

The film ‘Prem Rog’, starring Padmini Kolhapure and Rishi Kapoor is a super hit film of the time and also kind-of, sort-of ‘Feminist’. Well, the film was shot in many places, let’s start with abroad; the song ‘Bhavre ne Khilaya Phool’ was shot in Amsterdam, and for a very particular reason.  As the song was long, the time was less and the Sunset timing was late in Amsterdam, they found it fit to shoot it there. Smart move director! Anyway, it took almost 9 days to complete the shooting of the song.  Also, some parts of the film were shot in Pune. The campus of MIT, in Raj Baug. It is a family heirloom mansion where the film was shot and you can see the lavish stairways, beautiful gardens, and porches. Some parts of the film were also shot in the R. K. Studios. The beautiful studio was made by a beautiful person. Seriously, Raj Kapoor’s contribution to the films is a boon to Hindi Film Industry.

  India’s first Sci-Fi;

MR. INDIA (1987):

There is a long list of places for this one. Well, not very long. This film has received critical and popular vote and it is also the first Scientific Fiction that was created in Bollywood! (Applause) The film is extensively shot in Bombay/Mumbai. The Opening shot of the film, the headquarters, Top-Secret Bureau where the secretive conversation happens, was shot in Sophia College. Whereas, the very famous song, ‘Zindagi ki Yehi Reet Hai’ is shot at the Gateway Of India and at the outskirts of Bombay! And well, everything else, like the house where Mr. India lives in, the headquarters shown in the climax scene (Mogambo scene) are production design/set in Kamalistan Studio.

Ek do teen char panch ………..

TEZAAB (1988):

So, can we just take a moment out to appreciate the beauty of Madhuri Dixit or thank the sheer existence of this girl, this new-comer who went on and became the queen of the B-Town (heart eye emoticon, heart emoticon, kiss emoticon)! We can….. What a lady, what a dancer, amazing amazing personality and lovely presence, we can go on with this and forget the topic of his blog or just so begin with it. 

First, let’s talk about the Dandiya scene, where Anil Kapoor kicks some serious backs of the thieves, well that scene was shot in an empty space behind the fisherman Colony outside Mahim Railway Gardens, Mysore.  Third one, the horrible scene where Munna’s (Anil Kapoor) sister was molested and the goons attempted a r#p^ on her was shot on the famous Bombay Port. And last but not at all the least, the place that Anupam Kher owned, Mohini’s Home, is shot in…… wait for it…… MANNAT! Yes, King Khan’s now home, Mannat. Well, The film Abodh gave us the beautiful and graceful Madhuri Dixit but Tezaab gave us everything she is today and we are thankful for it!

India’s entry for The Oscars in the year 1988;


Salaam Bombay is one of the three films from India’s Oscar submission to have gained a nomination. It was nominated for the award of ‘Best Foreign Language Film’. Well, the co-Writer and the Director Mira Nair had starred real homeless and street kids in her film and it was shot on real locations. The scenes were shot at Kamathipura, the second largest red-light area in Asia. Krishna’s place was shot at Falkland Road, now Pathe Bapurao Marg. The Grant Road Station, the Western Railway Train line between Charni road and Mumbai central, the scenes where Krishna hangs out with Chillum were filmed there. The film was shot guerilla style and used almost 50 locations to complete in the narrow and unfortunate roads of Mumbai. 

So, that was the list guys, and there was so much happening in this decade, there was so much amazing art that was created. May it be the discovery of the evergreen Madhuri Dixit or the some serious female oriented films like ‘Prem Rog’ and ‘Umrao Jaan’. The impact of the films like Mr. India can still be seen, we can definitely tell, the many remakes of Kaate Nahi Katate’ and ‘Hawa Hawai’ are a sign of that. And well, last but not the least, pure art and beauty of Salaam Bombay! This was an amazing year, and we can tell that. Well, see you in the next blog, next month, till then, SAYONARA! 


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