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Admin 08 Jun 2018

Role of Location Recce in Pre-Production

Cinema! More than 80% of Indian hearts beat here. It has got all the emotions happiness, love, anger, anxiety, compassion, sorrow, depression, envy anmany more. It has now become a daily part of ones lifeCinema is the most powerful cultural tool that allows us to gain insight into some elements of the human condition through images and sound that is enriched with all the fine arts with a view to sparking the intellect and the emotions.

Unlike literature, Cinema has the magic to show what is to be imagined. Where lot of aspects takpart individually namely Cinematography, Direction, MusicLocation, Acting, Lights and many more. 

Now the one thing we need to understand before we go deep in thoughts is, when someone decides to make a film, the foremost thing he has in his hand is a story, a complete raw story which can be just imagined. But what happens when a film is made on that story? The story which was just imaginable few days ago is visible now. The moving pictures makes a viewer sad, happy, laugh, cry and many such emotions start revolving around.

Now where the location scouting or Recce comes in the picture? Let me give you an example. In 2016 an Indian Marathi language film “Sairat” directed by Nagraj Manjule made the stories of every news channels. Three things were discussed immensely1. Location of shoot, 2. Climax of Movie and 3. The Direction. Now the question is why the Location was critically applauded by the critics, even though not even a single photo-shoot was done on that location before? 

Let’s discuss this! So the movie was shot at Karmala village and surroundings somewhere in Solapur district of Maharashtra. Now what caught the eyes of viewers was the rawness of the location. Lush green harvest fields, the step well, the old architectural temples gave the vibe of complete originality in the movie. And the movie gathered immense love from the audiences. Thus the location also plays an important role. And there are thousands of such virgin locations in our country for which filmmakers are craving for but are unable to find just because lack of contacts and communication, plus it takes a major amount of time, money and transportation. 

What Pro Recce does? Pro Recce hunts down such locations from ground level. We visit such location owners including major metropolitan cities to extreme interior villages and find perfect match according to any filmmaker’s expectation. So why wait, start your search now.


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